As I get better at putting into words the mission of Eco Brooklyn I am better able to find the people who belong in the company.

I posted this on Craigslist and got over 200 applications….something is in the air. I post it here in case anyone reading this is interested.

Calling All Green Builders
Growing Brooklyn green building company seeks passionate green builders to join its team.

About Us:
We love green building. We study it, we practice it, we live it.
We have the traditional building skills but what drives us is taking it to the next level of green building.
Green building is in right now but we would be doing this even if it wasn’t.
There is money in green building but we’re not in it just for the money.
We passionately believe it is the only moral and logical thing to do.
The world has been mistreated for too long. It is time to build green in order to get us back on track.
We want to turn every brooklyn Brownstone into a Greenstone – gray water, green roof, solar PV and thermal, salvaged materials, LED lights……

About You:
Same as above.

If this is something you also believe in then join us!

We need carpenters, plumbers, electricians, laborers, gardeners, painters, green roof installers, radiant floor installers, weather sealers, dumpster divers, educators, solar PV installers, solar thermal installers, gray water system installers, high efficiency boilers experts, clay applicators…..but first and foremost we need people who are green builders to the core.

Our pay ranges from 80/day to $140/day. Cash. Great growth potential. We are new, hungry and idealistic so we bid competitively to get work instead of bidding high and not getting work. As we grow so will salary for those who believe in our company and are loyal to it. We are the most innovative green building company in Brooklyn and clients are seeing that.

We have several jobs going on right now – green walls, green roofs, gray water, insulation, radiant flooring, salvaged wood, eco plaster and clay walls.

If you aren’t hard working and passionate about green building above all else then don’t send your resume. We aren’t interested. But if our company sounds like something you could get really excited about then please send us your resume (no attachments) and a short paragraph about why you are a green builder.

To learn about us: