A huge myth about green building is that it costs more. That was true in the past but not now. Building green today is the most cost effective thing to do.

According to a study by Sheila Muto, author of the article “The Public Sector Spurs Green’ Building,” Special to RealEstateJournal.com, July 16, 2003, she found that in the past, the cost of developing green buildings was 5% to 10% higher than traditional construction costs. But not now.

Many suggest that the cost premium for producing green buildings has dropped to about 2% as planners, developers, contractors and others have become more familiar with green-building techniques and materials. Competition among the increasing number of green builders is also driving prices down. If there is no competition in your market, it is more likely that you may see a premium for green construction.

Eco Brooklyn is able to build green BELOW normal building prices by using salvaged and recycled materials – this creates a double win without sacrifice for anyone.