I read in the Carroll Gardens Courier that Ratner is continuing his dishonest takeover of the Brooklyn community in Atlantic Yards.

After securing a corrupt deal with the MTA where he will be allowed to buy part of their land he said of the site this week:

“….it is about affordable housing and public space. It is about jobs and opportunity. It is about creating new community in the heart of a thriving borough.”

Lies, lies, lies. It is about his profit. Period. Bruce Ratner is the antithesis of green building and the concept of Build It Forward.

He says the area will be used for sports, conventions, meeting, concerts etc. Anything where you need to put a large group of people together for a couple hours.

So how is the community around Javitz Center? A bunch of desolate concrete roads.

What about the area around Madison Square Garden? Cheap pizzerias and tourists.

Everyone knows that an area built to hold tens of thousands of people will be a crowded mob scene a tiny fraction of the time and a barren wasteland of empty spaces and trash the rest of the time.

He knows this. He is lying through his teeth when he says otherwise.

Jobs? What jobs? Hot dog vending. Valet parking? The only jobs will be for his friends who build the piece of crap. And it will be built like a piece of crap. It will fit right in with Atlantic Center building.

The one small redeeming factor was that at the very least the buildings were going to be architecturally nice. But in classic bait and switch style he fired the starchitect and replaced him with some bozzo who specialized in classic Atlantic Center strip mall architecture that will look old and tired immediately.

Ratner you are a scumbag and do not deserve to me influencing our cultural geography. You lack the integrity, leadership and understanding of how Brooklyn works.