We went to check on one of the green roofs we installed last year in Park Slope. It looked good! Some of the edges were a little wind bare but for the most part the sedum were happy and growing.


Park Slope, Brooklyn, green roof installation


We are Brooklyn green roof installers and it is really satisfying watching us spread a sea of green over the roof tops. It makes so much sense from an environmental point of view. If you do the math it is a no brainer. Lets say a green roof costs $10 to install vs. a tar roof that costs $3 and the green roof lasts four times as long. That means over the life of the two roofs the green roof costs $10 and the tar roof costs $12 since you have to replace it four times.

And lets say the green roof saves you $1 a year in energy savings since you need less heat in the winter and less cooling in the summer. Since a green roof lasts at least 40 years, you have a savings of $40.

At the end of the green roof you have spent $10 and saved $40. At the end of the tar roof you have spent $52!

I am using hypothetical numbers since each green roof is different but these numbers are pretty close to the average.

And this does not consider that a green roof is so much more valuable a product! In term of giving enjoyment it blows a tar roof away. In terms of ecology it is crucial in our world under siege.

Get a green roof installed! It is really a good thing to do on many levels.