This weekend the green roof was installed on the Brooklyn green show house. Eco Brooklyn is a green roof installer with the humble goal of getting green roofs onto every building in Brooklyn. We want to peer over the Brooklyn roof tops and see a sea of green, a vibrant ecological community in the sky.

With this goal in mind we have a bunch of green roof installations in the pipeline and we are very capaple of installing the green roof on the Brooklyn green show house.

But we didn’t.

We are first and foremost green builders. This means that education and community building is a core part of our business model.

For that reason we invited fellow green roof installers, green roof authors and green roof educators Lori Gibbs and Atom Cianfarani to install the roof instead so they could use it as one of their green roof installation classes.

They are writing a book for people to install their own green roofs and also have a cool web site To highlight the upcoming book they invited a bunch of students and spent a weekend on the Brooklyn green show house roof teaching their roof installation system.

For the price of materials I got a great roof and the joy of seeing students learn how to install a green roof. Atom and Lori’s roof follows their GREEN-IT-YOURSELF credo, which is a belief that everyone should have access to a green roof.

Atom and Lori are really great teachers and if you want to learn how to install a green roof they are the best in the industry.


Atom and Lori unpacking sedum on the roof of the Green Show House