Wake up –
7:30 – Arrange Plumbing Delivery to Client Job Site
7:45 – Make kids breakfast, send to school
8:00 – conference call with site manager at Client Job Site
8:30 – Work on NYC Water Runoff Management Contest
9:00 – Arrange delivery of salvaged insulation from upstate NY to Brooklyn
9:30 – inspect Green Show House gray water & radiant heat installation to make sure they pass DOB approval
11:00 – get printed T-shirts with new logo that assistant delivers
12:00 – do walk through with client of warehouse space to be converted and salvaged
1:00 – meet with non-profit to help with their green building training for ex-convicts
2:00 – plan with reuse center to deconstruct and reconstruct space in conjunction with non-profit students
3:00 – interview green architect for Eco Brooklyn architect position
3:30 – meet with client at job site: radiant installation, earthen floor and salvaged wood for spiral staircase
4:30 – pay crew
5:00 – pump arrives for veggie oil Eco Brooklyn truck
5:30 – cook kids dinner
6:30 – play with kids
7:30 – watch part of movie
8:00 – put kids to bed
8:30 – write bid for upcoming green gut renovation of brownstone. send off
10:30 – look over two green building books that came in the mail
11:00 – hang out with girl friend.
Go to sleep

NOT! Are you nuts?! I’d totally burn out if I had to do this every day.