I’ve been speaking with Wendy in Suffolk County about bats. She makes and sells bat houses and we’re talking about the best way to have a bat house in the Brooklyn Green Show House.

Bat are a very important part of the ecosystem. One of the reasons Brooklyn has such a problem with mosquitoes is that bats don’t have enough places to sleep in the area. So if anyone wants to buy a bat house please contact me for Wendy’s info.

Another thing is that, like the bees, bats are in bad shape from a mysterious sickness. Wendy says:

Unfortunately for the bats there is a disease out there that is killing them by the thousands. It is called WNS white nose syndrome. It is a fungus that forms around their noses while they hibernate and …well they are dying in their hibernation. They have found entire caves of bats dead from this WNS. It is a real sad situation b/c they have no clue why it is happening and why it is killing them and how it is passed bat to bat. They are predicting that with out more money for research to get to the bottom of this fungus the bats will be an endangered species in 2-3 years. Pretty scary.

Bats can eat up 600 mosquito size insects and hour. They eat other night flying insects as well as mosquitoes. But with out the bats all the night time bugs are going to proliferate at an enormous rate. We all need to pray for wisdom and a cure.