As a green contractor in Brooklyn we feel very fortunate. The New York area is the land of plenty if you are not averse to jumping into a dumpster. We find all the flooring we need for our customers in dumpsters. Salvaged doors, bricks, sheet rock, studs, metal beams, and wood joists are all available is you look.

Here is Gennaro Brooks-Church on the phone with his green electrician.

“Yo Judd, you better come over to the corner of Smith and Carroll. There is a dumpster with a shit load of electrical tubing. Come let me know if we can use it for the Green Show House.”


I had been tipped off by the job manager who has my number on autodial because their company throws away so much good material. The unfortunate thing is that his boss has no patience so we have to get it right away or they take the dumpster.

For example the above bounty of electrical tubing couldn’t be picked up by my driver until the next day. He came and there was nothing but a brand new empty dumpster…..thousands of dollars of good material on its way to the dump.