Architectural Record Magazine is another publication of the publishing mammoth McGraw Hill Construction.

The magazine worships the cult of the architect, that egotistical creature who sees the world as their building block, whose buildings are to be worshiped for their design and the huge amounts of money it took to build them.

The magazine, like “Le Architect” (think round glasses, a goatee, and an ego larger than the Eiffel tower), prefers new construction because it is the purest expression of the inner creative genius that resides in all architects (irony).

Lost on the architect if renovation as a much greener way to build.

To renovate another persons building is like being offered sloppy seconds to the drunk girl at the frat party.

They must create fresh so that their masterful expression is not tainted by any other mortals attempt at “building”.

True architects do not build. They create. They bring into form something that never existed before. They are unique, above the crass lineage of the past. They invent the future (totally oblivious that we live in a postmodern world and that 99% of “new” design was done before).

Bottom line, the vast majority of architects are more concerned about their own self important self expression to give a damn about the well being of the world.

Yea, maybe I’m being a little harsh. But that is the impression I got after reading Architectural Record Magazine.