I’d rather non disclosure from the EPA than from Toll brothers any
day. This is job complex and I don’t expect anyone to know the full
consequences right away.

What is more important is the reasons behind the actions and Toll
Brothers and their cronies have one reason only – money.

The EPA has given ample disclosure and due process. In my opinion they
are being way too lenient with the corrupt businesses that use shady
advertising and untruths to further their business goals.

Lets resist the large amounts of money Toll Brothers etc is throwing
around to get their way and do what is right – do our best to clean
the canal.

There is a serious conflict of interest if we let the City do it –
There are too many business and political influences for it to be a
true cleaning of the canal.

The EPA Superfund is the best solution for getting the job done. Lets
stop these back room meetings, delays and media campaigns now
by letting the designation happen.

Then we can finally, FINALLY, since it has been way too many years
of non-action by the city, we can finally start cleaning the Gowanus

No small group of greedy businesses should get in the way of this
important community action.