Our Philosophy

Our actions are based on the Build It Forward principle: that we are custodians of our buildings, that they were gifted to us by past generations, and that we will be gifting them to future generations. With this in mind the Eco Brooklyn green building process respects what has been built by past builders and adds to it as a gift to the future. All building is done with a 200 year time frame in mind.

Since we are forward thinking in the building process Eco Brooklyn green buildings are built in anticipation of rising fuel, material and water costs due to increased awareness of the true costs of those elements. Our building is geared towards conserving those resources through such things as energy efficiency and water conservation.

We are not concerned with brand names and when possible prefer to build products in house. Our focus is on building sustainably with affordability, quality, aesthetics and practicality in mind. The Eco Brooklyn green co-op or brownstone is not like any other but if we have our way it will be the norm in 5-10 years. We’ve been called nuts and we’ve been called visionary but we just think our way is smart.

Our clients are forward thinking people who see a strong connection between the renovation of their building and the rest of the world, both past and future. They realize that renovating their brownstone or co-op can impact either negatively or positively the world and they have the power to decide which.

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