Eco Brooklyn Inc. is an innovative green contracting and design firm in Brooklyn with one simple focus: to Turn New York Green! We used to do this by recreating natural environments that are healthy and happy.

Our background is in green real estate, development, renovation and sustainable energy. Led by Green Builder Gennaro Brooks-Church, Eco Brooklyn is passionate about using old and new technologies to increase the quality of living while reducing costs and benefiting the environment. Attention is put on using salvaged, sustainable and local materials.

Eco Brooklyn is fully licensed as a NY General Contractor. Insurance includes: Liability, Disability and Workers Compensation. Liability is up to $2 Million.

Eco Brooklyn adheres to the ethics outlined in our membership with Sustainable Business Network New York City. The ethical sustainable business practices are specified in the triple bottom line – People, Planet, and Profit. Every decision we make considers whether all the people involved, the planet as a whole and the bottom line of everyone involved benefits from the action.

As a continuation to this we build along the Build It Forward criteria where all building must be made to last at least one hundred years, be a desirable gift to future generations and not drain existing resources.

The Eco Brooklyn team sees the home as a living being with inner organs, lungs, a skin and a body. We attempt to build the home so that it will remain healthy and safe for many years to come. We specialize in what we call the “green aesthetic” or Wabi-Sabi design, which incorporates the use of natural materials, like wood and clay, and provides a home that is soothing and invigorating. We combine these elements with attention to the overall Feng Shui of each microcosm and macrocosm in the home.

Our clients are forward thinking Brooklyn and Manhattan property owners seeking to make the world a greener place through innovative green building techniques. Our renovations push the envelope of and redefine green building for Brooklyn and NY brownstones.