350.org is a site worth knowing about. It is at the helm of a very sensible movement to get the CO2 levels of the world back down to 350 part per million, which is a safe level. Right now they are at 387 and it isn’t very clear whether they will keep going up or start going down.

Because 350 is a global movement they had to create a universally understandable message. It is an animation and really great. Check it out:

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It is a very easy movement to be part of: Simply do things that lower your carbon footprint. Walk and bicycle more, drive less, eat local foods, greenyour home and consume less. Pretty basic and good for you things to do.

These are things that lend themselves especially well to living a green life in Brooklyn. In fact all those things will really increase the quality of living. And probably be cheaper too! It’s like one of those Duh! things: You are an idiot if you don’t do it.

Our main focus out of those things as a green contractor in Brooklyn is to help with the greening of homes. In one small company it means we need to wear many hats: home weather sealer, high efficiency boiler specialist, green roof installer, solart thermal installer, solar PV installer, gray water installer,  insulation specialist, green home consultant, salvaged floor installer, and green kitchen cabinet maker….to list a few of our Brooklyn activities.

It sounds like a big list but it is actually very simple because it is all based on our one simple mantra: turn Brooklyn green. When you have such a simple focus, the rest just falls into place.

That is what we love about the 350 movement. Each inhabitant of the world has their own localized geographic mantra: turn New Delhi green, turn Istanbul green….the ways to do this are limitless and that is a very liberating feeling.