This October, hundreds of builders, innovators, and entrepreneurs will descend on Chicago for the 10th Annual Cities Alive Green Roof and Wall Conference. The conference will be a showcase for leaders in the green roof and wall industry to display their leading-edge design, policy, and research. It will be an opportunity for individuals to come together and celebrate the strides that the green roof and wall industry has made in the past decade. In addition, the conference will be a breeding ground for thoughts and ideas about the future of green roofs and walls.

As a New York green roof installer we love events like this. It gives people in a niche industry to come together and share their ideas, which allows for future collaborative efforts to occur. Chicago is the most obvious place to have this conference because it leads the United States in square footage green roof installation, totaling over 535,000 square feet. New York City comes in a close second at a total installed 500,000 feet.

Green roofs serve as a method to alleviate the heat island effect, clean our air, lessen the amount of storm water run-off, and create diverse ecosystems. In addition, they are a healthy reminder of nature amid the city buildings.

Green roofs are not just for commercial buildings. Installation is becoming extremely popular on schools and residential buildings. One of Eco-Brooklyn’s specializations is in brownstone residential green roofs. We believe that the benefits that green roofs offer far outweigh the costs. In coming years, we would like to see one of our dreams come to fruition: all of the roofs in New York City teeming with greenery.

More information about the event can be found here.

The Chicago City Hall has an amazing green roof.

A green roof in midtown Manhattan.

The green roof on the back of our Green Show House.

Another view of our robust green roof on the top of the Green Show House.